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Strategic Advisors, Inc.

Different styles of investment management--your financial future is our main concern.

Strategic Advisors, Inc. is the registered investment advisor that is affiliated with Lamon and Stern. It allows our clients the option of working in a fee only environment that aligns advisor’s interest directly with our clients.

Strategic Advisors, Inc. was formed in 1995 by Hollis M. Lamon and Michael J. Stern, its principals. We focus on providing our clients with general financial advice utilizing different styles of investment management. Our goal is to provide our clients with a hands on financial experience which focuses on each client’s goals and their objectives.

We provide specific investment options and and a variety of  money managers that are tailored exclusively for them as we do not provide a "one size fits all" solution. The final result is a client advisor relationship where we make the client feel comfortable and confident that their financial future is our main concern.