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Other Financial Strategies

Lamon and Stern can help you chart your financial course individually and we are able to respond to all your questions and needs. 

Investment strategies – How can you reduce your legal tax burden? What’s the right investment strategy for you or your company? We can help you create a strategy for success.

Benefits consulting – How to recruit and retain the right people?  Can you benefit from a strategy that includes investing pre-tax dollars for key employee benefits?  Benefits represent an exceptional opportunity for reinvestment in your company with pre-tax dollars.

Stock strategy and management – Lamon and Stern through its financial network has the capacity to market your stock and appropriately manage its sale.

Tax-efficient investing – How can you get the most of what you earn?  How can you reap greater benefits from the money you work so hard to earn?  Tax efficient investing is a way many people can realize significant gains in quality of life and real wealth.

Estate and trust planning – It takes care and vision to amass wealth.  Equal skill is required in the redistribution of wealth. 

ESOP Trust Transactions

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a type of tax-qualified Defined Contribution retirement plan, in which employees have partial ownership of your business.

What are the advantages of an ESOP?

  • Attract, reward, and retain employees
  • Buy out one or more owners
  • Create a more motivated workforce
  • Raise capital or build debt capacity
  • Provide a takeover defense
  • Establish a market for stock in a closely held business

Valuable tax advantages

Congress has created several tax incentives that make ESOPs beneficial, including:

  • Tax-deductible contributions may be used to acquire company stock
  • Private companies may be able to defer capital gains
  • Companies may be able to deduct dividend or lower tax liability
  • Participants may experience tax-deferred retirement savings

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